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What To Consider When Choosing Carpet

When choosing carpet for your space consider these suggestions below.

  1. Avoid trying to save a few dollars by selecting a poor-quality pad. A good carpet pad will cover the subfloor and will serve as insulations.

  2. The measurement of the pile weight per square yard. High face weights suggest good quality carpeting.

  3. High-Density fiber is a measurement of the proximity of fibers stitched together into the backing. Heigh- Density carpet suggests durability.

  4. As with any textile, the fiber type will have an impact on the feel, look, and quality of the carpet.

  5. Consider your carpet color selection. Dark carpet is better at hiding soiling, compared to light-colored carpeting. However, the dark-color carpet will expose lint, dust and other debris. Another consideration is carpet that strongly contrasts with pets' fur, contrasting carpet color will show animal hair.

  6. The most popular colors are natural tones for carpeting.

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