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Selecting The Correct Bulb

Hello Everyone!

Incandescent bulbs are available. However, the 2007 Independence and security act affects light bulbs and Inefficient light bulbs are being phased out. Click the link below for more information. The reason why these bulbs are on the way out is for safety reasons. Moving on, Energy- efficient light bulbs are more expensive but, they use less energy and last longer.

LED bulbs are the best for light fixtures in your home and as technology advances it is likely LED bulbs will dominate in the future. Measuring light can be confusing when we read light bulb packaging. Having an understanding of light measurements will be helpful in knowing how to determine the brightness of a bulb. LED lights will provide more lighting and less energy than your traditional light bulb. The simple solution, LED packaging might advertise the bulb as being equova;emt to a 60 watt bulb.

Kelvins produces a worm cool tone while Color Rendering Index (CRI) produces bring and clear natural effect. Click the link below to read more about independence and security act 2007.