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How Important Is Lighting For Design?

Lighting plays a critical role in the look of a room. Regardless of how well the design f, poor lighting can and will ruin the affect. For example, lighting will impact artwork, textiles, furniture, wall treatment (paint or wallpaper) and accessories.

In design function is first. Also, consider how you will use the space and the amount of light that is needed. There are three areas of lighting noted below:

  1. Accent Lighting: The purpose for accent lighting is to draw attention to the subject you want highlighted. For example artwork, a vase, sculpture or a plant

  2. Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting is used to light up the entire room, this type of lighting is consider general. Natural light (day light) illuminates and provides a sufficient source of lighting. Keep in mind that rooms do require artificial light at night. Ambient lighting is for general use and for the safety of others others to move around the space confidently and comfortably.

  3. Task Lighting: Task lighting for targeted areas for this who are focused on a project or an activity. For example, a bedside reading lamp. Task lighting comes in many forms depending on your needs.

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