Getting Color Right Part II

Hello, everyone!

On the last blog, we covered color terms Hue, Tint, and Shade.

The color choice will affect the interior of your home and the architecture. There are two things that will affect the interior of your home and that is color. Depending on your color selections you can to make your room look large or small.

Technical Terms:

Primary colors are PURE HUES that cannot be obtained by mixing other colors together. Along with black and white different combinations of primary colors form the basis for every other color.

2. Secondary Colors: The three secondary colors are green orange and violet. These colors are created by mixing equal amounts of two primary colors. Each secondary color is a product of two primary colors closest to the color wheel.

3. Tertiary Colors: Tertiary colors are produced by mixing a primary color with an equal amount of a secondary color. For instance, mixing the color blue ( primary color) and green (secondary color) will produce a blue-green color

Cool Colors include Ocean greens, blues, and lavenders.

Warm includes yellows, orange, red and deep purples.

4. Advancing Colors moves towards you and this color choice will suit a larger room

5. Receding Colors moves towards this hue will work well in a small space

6. To warm-up a large room saturate the room with a darker color.

Less Saturated colors: White, Cream, Tan, Beige, and Gray

Remember, when you select colors for the entire home or a room. Color affects the mood!

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