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Design Tip: Getting Color Right!

There are 3 Key terms for color

  1. 1. Hue: The color itself

  2. 2. Tint: Lightening of color by adding white

  3. 3. Shade: Darkening of color by adding black

Color affects the interior mood, the overall feel, and architecture. Also, color may be used to affect the feel of a room-size to be small or large.

Let's talk about types of color mood. For example, cool colors Ocean/ Clear are greens, blues, and lavenders. Warm colors are yellow, orange, and deep purples. Also, think of these warmer colors as the sunset! Remember you have a room in your home that is large and you want it to feel cozy saturate the walls with a darker color and do the opposite with cooler colors. The less saturated are whites, cream, tab, beige and gray light or medium. Several naturals are chocolate, deep gray and black. Stay tuned for more of Getting Color Right with Designs by Dannette