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Dannette's February Design Tip: Planning a design

Planning a design is the best practice for desired results:

1. Planning: Designing without a plan is a recipe that needs to be followed in order to get the desired results. Ignoring step by step instructions will not work. No planning system results in stress. Avoid image gathering and shopping as this will burst the budget. The wise and well-planned design formula will work for you.

There are no bad or good colors:

2. Colors: color combining, for example, there is not a good or bad color. Dark colors are advancing, warm color moves towards the eye, reduces the dark colors to make the room appear larger and light color moves away from the eye.

Power budget

3. Budget: Create a power for example set ranges and not fixed numbers, consider planning on the high end and consider sales taxes in your state, allow wiggle room, rid of emotional decisions, take out the limitations like I only have enough for...

If you ignore your design and fingerprint you will be 98% unhappy